They call themselves “Obidient”, and they have this arrogance buried under a naive sense of victory even before the votes are counted. It could be argued that they have little or no understanding of the Nigerian demography and structure that governs her electoral character. 


Initially without a manifesto, Obi finally succumbed to pressure and released his manifesto which created pandemonium on Twitter and other platforms. “It’s POssible: Our Pact with Nigerians” he coined it – what exactly is possible, one can hardly tell. Nigeria has had decades of mismanagement, dilapidated infrastructures, abandoned projects, horrible hospitals, and the list can go on forever, but to imagine that a candidate can in less than 4 years turn these around is the myth behind the Obidient movement. 


In contrast to the reality in the South, the North is another ball game, it will surprise many that Obi is not close to a household name in the vast rural lands in the North. A recent poll conducted between 27-29th Nov 2022 in Kano showed just that, the Labour Party candidate came a distant last. His performance was so bad that he didn’t make 5%. 


Our Kano state poll touched on different layers like age, ethnicity, marital status, educational background, and others. In all these categories, the Labour Party candidate was not competitive to be considered a threat.

 Polled Data from Kano State 

 The above chart clearly illustrates Obi’s abysmal performance in Kano, if this were to replicate in other Northern states, it will then be fair to say the Labour Party presidential candidate has already lost the elections.

In Kano, we covered the following areas: (Fage, Kano Municipal, Gwari, Mungibe, Dala, Kruna, Dawano, Kankana, Sanyawa, Dankabr and Bichi). 94% of respondents were Muslim whilst 6% were Christians, ironically, the same 94% were female and 6% male.

When it came to reason for voting, Trust & Capacity scored 93% amongst respondents and only 1% said ethnicity was their reason for choosing a candidate.

Employment Status: 23% of respondents were employed, 66% self-employed and 5% were students.

Age group: On age group, we segregate our respondents by Gen Z (1997-2012), Millennial (1981-1996), Gen X (1965-1980) and Baby Boomer (1946-1964), of these, 27% were Gen Z, 47% Millennial, 22% Gen X and 5% Baby Boomer

Obviously, Kano is not Nigeria, but it is not far from the reality of the hinterlands of the Northwest which harbours Nigeria’s largest voting bloc. One Could argue that Kano is a microcosm of the Northwest.

For more like this, and for everything about the 2023 elections, I recommend you stay with us as we bring you a rundown of the whole country, from state to local governments and communities within these local governments. We spare no part of the country, nowhere is too rural for us, let us keep you informed.



8 thoughts on “Peter Obi Obliterated in Kano

  1. Thïefnubu Urchins at work. Peter Obi is your next president and there’s nothing you Urchins can do about it.

  2. What a shitty article . if obi is no threat why are u guy bothered about him to the extent of creating this shitty article. why not just ignore obi who u dont see as a treat .. the people who composed this are nothing but scumbags. bastards

  3. Can you let this man be? You say he can’t win but you keep dragging him and soiling his name in order to rubbish him. Must every region like him? Kwankwaso is from Kano, what are you expecting? Give H.E Peter Obi some credit. Peter and OBIdients are trying without inducements. Nonsense post

  4. Beginning to like bantu after that your physical opinion poll that indicated peter as winner.

    Well I know what you did with this post and the angel you guys came from. Knowing pretty well that anything anti obi draws traffic

    Will stick to your site till elections are over. Watching

  5. Look at how commenters are pained😂😂. Y’all just confirmed all he said. You all have an inflated sense of arrogance. March 1st is near, you will be disgraced at the polls. You hate you hear the truth, but love to hear what you want to hear. Advising you is like advising a secondary school girl in love. Atiku is gonna be your next president and there is nothing you can do about it. Atiku will get more South Eastern votes than Obi will get more Northern votes.

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