BantuPage is the trading name of I&U Limited, a Nigerian-based social media company and data analytics group. Areas of Interest: Analytics and Market Research Do you want to enter the Nigerian market? Are you looking to understand Nigeria? Is there an area you want to target in Nigeria but need help with? We are here to help you. With our team of experts, let us be your helping hand in the Nigerian market. Our data-led expertise supports and improves a broad spectrum, including politics, media, brands, and other enterprises. We work with some of the most recognised brands in Nigeria. Our ground-breaking syndicated data solutions include the daily brand perception tracker, I&U Limited Brand Index, and the media planning and segmentation tool, I&U Limited Profiles. Our market-leading I&U Limited real-time service is fast and cost-effective for reaching nationally representative and specialist samples. Sector specialist field teams and back-office colleagues at I&U's Custom Research division tailor a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research to meet clients' specific requirements. As the pioneers of online market research, we have a strong record for data accuracy and innovation. We are the market research pioneers of multi-level regression with post-stratification ("MRP") for accurate street-level predictions. The Nigerian press and media associations regularly cite data from I&U Limited. Documentaries, films, Vox Pop, and Travel/Vlogging We make documentaries that focus on areas that most people leave untouched. At I&U, we never knowingly choose popularity over content that positively pierces our audience's hearts. We want to awaken, educate, and entertain simultaneously without undermining qualitative substance. We also cover equally poignant short films to keep our audience up-to-date with stories that matter. While others chase big money and followership, we focus on stories that we think are relevant to the lives of our countrymen, continent, and the world. We are the kings of vox pop, touching on stories no Nigerian media dare entertain. When popularity dictates the goal, the content's veracity collapses. At I&U Limited, we pledge never to indulge in a world where platitude, cliché, and political correctness dictate our story. Our travel and vlogging series analyses various African cities without political correctness. No other YouTube channel gives a raw analysis of the different African cities like ours. We have been to West, Central, East, and Southern Africa, bringing in-depth analyses of lifestyle, traffic, infrastructure, and more. Our Mission, Vision, and Values Our mission is to provide a continuous stream of accurate data and insight into Nigerian thinking so that companies, governments, and institutions can better serve the people and communities that sustain them.  Our vision is for I&U data to be a valued public resource that hundreds of millions use daily, enabling intelligent decision-making and informed conversations. A set of shared values drives us. We are fast, fearless, and innovative. We work diligently to get it right. Accuracy, ethics, and the need for transparency are fundamental to our company. We trust each other and bring these values into everything that we do. Our Strategy We believe in accuracy. In a country like Nigeria, that sounds like a far-fetched concept. At I&U Limited, we pride ourselves on being Nigeria's sole face-to-face pollster. As an analytically focused company, we strive to exceed our clients' and viewers' expectations, ensuring that accuracy does not compromise popularity. If necessary, we collect data face-to-face. Our team has travelled to every part of Nigeria, collating data on various aspects of Nigerian demography. We are ready to help you understand Nigeria like no other without any shortcuts, backdoors, or undermining of fundamental human values.