Why should Bola Ahmed Tinubu become the president of the federal republic of Nigeria? Jagaban, corrupt, drug dealer, and criminal are some of the few colourful words used to describe him. As Nigerians roll their sleeves in anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections whilst pondering between the candidates; security, the economy, job creation, just to name a few are key determinants.

Come what may, call him whatever you like, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a force to reckon with. His candidacy represents the might in the Nigerian political circle, his party is the ruling party with the most structure based. They have the most governors, senators, and other political hotspot in the country.

A recent national poll presented some convincing numbers, especially if you are an APC supporter. 3 out 5 respondents voiced support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, their main reason was that he was a successful two term governor of Lagos. “I pray that he makes a better Nigeria” Ahmed Usman, “I will vote for Tinubu because he has the links, expertise and capacity within and outside the country” Mr. Mato. Out of the many reasons voiced by respondents, a sizeable number chose Tinubu because they thought he was competent and had the capacity.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s support base is quite extensive, however, is it enough to sweep 24 out of the 36 states? To win a presidential election in Nigeria, one must get at least 25% from 24 states.



3 thoughts on “Why Should Bola Ahmed Tinubu be President?

  1. Although you guys seems to conduct true poll, your sentiment is biased. I see it that Tinubu has bought you. You are always advertising him while demarket ING Peter Obi and Atiku.
    Could you just present your objective fact and leave out your subjective reasoning as it is tainted by political attachment.

  2. BantuPage, you’re obviously biased, it seems you’re paid to keep pushing Tinubu to the top, when your polls says otherwise. Don’t dent the reputation of your page had gain through your somewhat reputable poll with biased analysis. Biased analysis will bury your page.

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