Atiku’s support in the Northeast isn’t a mystery, Nigeria, being an ethnically diverse and centred country, you’d find that one’s ethnicity plays an important role on who votes for them. Atiku’s isn’t peculiar. Being from the Northeast, it is easy to understand the backing he gets from that zone, especially Adamawa. “Let us vote for him because he is our brother.” Has become a catchphrase in Nigeria.

A native of Jada, Adamawa state, Atiku’s popularity in Taraba state is overwhelming. Polling numbers from Yorro local government found that there was belief in the respondents that Atiku will provide a better future for them including power supply. The latter comes in rare in this community, in fact, rare is being generous, the community has gone 7 years without power supply, Atiku’s presidency is the end to the blackout hiatus they claimed.

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