Timini Egbuson, Pere, the chronic pickpocket in A Tribe Called Judah, the highest grossing film of all time in Africa and fastest movie to hit one billion in the box office, opens up about his relationship.

Timini, who, according to him, had his first spotlight on Tinsel, a television series, is currently making waves in the Nigerian movie industry. A clip from Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s reality show “Ebuka Turns Up Africa” has him and Zubby Michael arguing about who the biggest actor in Africa is and who would buy whom. This claim was based on popularity in the industry, the quality of the movie, and the box office record. This stirred up an argument and stan-ship war among Nollywood fans on the X space. Timini further established that his claim was general rather than specific.

The 36-year-old Nollywood actor rebranded, or rather, transitioned from Lagos bad boy to sweet boy, like he mentioned in his latest interview. Amidst the beautiful and not-so-beautiful relationships and marriages of his colleagues in the industry, he owned up to the fact that it never worked for him. ‘I have given my heart to relationships, but it didn’t work out,’ he confessed.

He went further to explain the role of his formative environment in shaping his idea of love. Timini stated that he is not a fan of “choking love,” hence his perfect choice of a long-distant relationship. He explained how close he is to his sister Dakore Akande, which established this reason. This duo can go days without talking, but their love is firm.

“I’m actually a sweet person. My friends and those close to me know that I am, and I go all out for them,” he said in an interview with Kamsi Nnamani, a YouTuber. According to Timini, people’s perception of him is only a façade. He built this wall for protection.


By Chidimma NWAFOR

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