The retirement of the clerk of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Adedeji Adeyemo, throws the house into chaos


It is important to note that the House of Assembly is divided into two major management arms, viz., the political arm and the career arm. The clerk, who is in charge of the career arm, holds the various departments accountable to him. According to the stipulations of the law and the commission, the House Clerk heads the legislative arm of government in Nigeria. Section 12(1) of the Law states that “The Commission shall appoint (a) the most senior Deputy Clerk as the substantive Clerk of the House, subject to the confirmation of the House by a Resolution.” In addition, the most senior staff of the House of Legislature have a higher chance than everyone outside the entity to head the career arm of the legislature.


Following the retirement of the former clerk, it was expected that the candidate to take the mantle from him must be ready, but the reverse was the case. This stirred commotion, with people having different views on the intent of such “unpreparedness.” Nominees for the post of head of service must be senior public servants currently on the payroll and appointed by the governor.

However, the populace now has a new approach to the position of House Clerk. As opposed to the notion of the high chance of the most senior staff, every qualified person outside the Assembly also has the chance of becoming the House Clerk.


The Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Oludaisi Elemide, who is supposed to be the mouthpiece of the house, and the Chairman of the House Committee on Communication, Olusegun Kaka, are silent on the recent development.

By Chidimma NWAFOR

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