Terror has gripped Nigerian society in recent years. The weight of this terror apparently increases every day as stories from the northern parts of the country attest to it. Kaduna and Zamfara have been on the news not for the light cause or electoral cause but for the kidnappings and killings going on in the state. Eleven terrorists were eliminated by troops of the Nigerian Army in two different operations that took place in the states of Zamfara and Katsina. Terrorist strongholds in the United States were raided, leading to the deaths of the terrorists. Two of terrorist leader Hassan Yantagwaye’s men were killed in a gunfight that broke out during a mission to raid his stronghold in Zamfara, which is located in the Tsafe Local Government Area.


A tweet by the Nigerian Army on X read thus: “Nigerian Army troops deployed for Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency operations in Katsina and Zamfara states in a series of coordinated operations have raided terrorists’ enclaves, resulting in the elimination of a significant number of terrorists. In an operation in Zamfara State, on March 29, 2024, troops successfully raided the den of a notorious terrorists’ kingpin, Hassan Yantagwaye, in the Tsafe Local Government Area. Yantagwaye and his group have been responsible for kidnappings and acts of terrorism in some parts of North-West Nigeria. During the operation, troops overpowered the terrorists in an ensuing gun battle, neutralising three of them and recovering a large cache of arms and ammunition. Troops also destroyed the terrorists’ camps.”


“In Katsina State, the gallant troops on March 30, 2024, engaged in a fierce gun battle with terrorists in Shawu Kuka, Shinda, Tafki, Gidan Surajo, and Citakushi in Kabai I and Kabai II within Faskari Local Government Area. The troops neutralised eight terrorists and recovered three locally-fabricated guns, military uniforms, and a large number of stolen grains,” the post added.


Additionally,  troops captured armed fighters in Ebonyi and intercepted illicit drugs in Ogun State. “In Ebonyi State, troops conducting night patrols on April 31, 2024, encountered armed Effium militias along Urban Effium in the Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Troops overpowered the militias in a combat engagement that followed and captured one of the militias. The troops also recovered one AK-47 rifle and 11 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition. The suspect is currently undergoing a preliminary investigation.


“Troops on March 29, 2024, intercepted 441 wraps of a substance suspected to be Cannabis Sativa at Molegede village in the Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State. The vigilant troops uncovered the illicit substances being conveyed in a Mazda saloon car after the smugglers absconded, abandoning the vehicle upon sighting the troops. The vehicle and illicit products will be handed over to the appropriate agency after preliminary investigations.”


This is, however, a win and a water to slightly quench the fire of insecurity that has spiralled in the country. One is no longer safe, probably as a result of their wealth or position, but by being a Nigerian, and when Nigeria happens to you, you become a victim of these terrorists. Hence, the importance of prioritising the security apparatus of the country.


By Chidimma NWAFOR

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