Nollywood actress Ada Karl reveals why she chose Nigeria over America


Nollywood actress and film producer Ada Karl has disclosed that her deep affection for Nigeria motivated her decision to relocate from the United States to her home country.


In an interview with Punch, the actress expressed her preference for inter-cultural relationships, which is why she decided to marry a Swedish guy, Fredrik Karl, rather than a Nigerian.


I relocated to Nigeria two years ago. I have a deep affection for my cultural heritage, which is why my Instagram name is “American by birth, Nigerian by compulsion,” indicating that I am obliged to embrace my Nigerian identity.

I deeply value my Nigerian identity, and throughout my subsequent existence, I aspire to retain my Nigerian nationality.


Nigerians possess exceptional qualities and a unique ability to appreciate and express humour.

In spite of the difficulties and adversities imposed on us by our leaders, we continue to display resilience and compassion. Despite living in a state of shortage, we exhibit limitless acts of charity when others want assistance.


The online comments we post showcase our cleverness and humour, and I derive pleasure from reading them.

As a graduate of mass communication, I have a deep admiration for high-quality journalism, and I believe that Nigerians have a distinctive way of articulating their thoughts and ideas.


My spouse, Fredrik Karl, is a Swedish individual who has a profound affection for Nigeria. He has fully embraced our culture, diligently doing all the customary rituals necessary to be recognised as a genuine member of our community.


He also possesses the prestigious Igbo chieftaincy title of Chief Tabaku 1 of the Ibolo Kingdom.

The depth of his dedication to our multicultural relationship and his profound affection for Nigeria played a significant role in my choice to marry him instead of a Nigerian man. Presently, I find myself in a situation where I am an American citizen due to my birth, but I am also a Nigerian citizen due to circumstances beyond my control.

I am currently commemorating the cultural wealth of my Nigerian background and the genuine kindness of my fellow Nigerians.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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