Lots of fresh faces as Senegal’s President Faye names new cabinet


President Bassirou Diomaye Faye of Senegal has declared the establishment of a new cabinet, selecting a set of new individuals for important roles after his resounding triumph in the recent election.

Ousmane Sonko, the Prime Minister of Senegal, officially announced the formation of a cabinet consisting of 25 ministers on Friday, highlighting its departure from the previous government.

According to accounts, Faye, who had no prior experience in political positions, achieved a clear victory in the initial round at the age of 44.


He made promises of substantial reforms and became the youngest president in the country’s history.

Faye is anticipated to divide duties with his designated prime minister and erstwhile mentor, Sonko, who played a pivotal role in helping the political neophyte’s rise to power.

In his recent statement, Sonko declared that the administration established on April 5 is a dissident government that represents the implementation of a comprehensive change supported by the Senegalese population.

Sonko, who is 49 years old, spearheaded Senegal’s opposition movement.


However, his conviction for defamation prevented him from running himself, so he endorsed Faye in the presidential race.”The government established on April 5th is a dissident government that represents the implementation of a comprehensive change supported by the Senegalese population,” stated Sonko.


Sonko, a 49-year-old leader of Senegal’s opposition movement, backed Faye in the presidential election following his disqualification due to a defamation conviction.


The energy ministry has appointed Birame Souleye Diop as its head.Senegal’s planned start of oil and gas extraction in 2024 increases the strategic importance of the ministry.


The nomination for the justice minister includes Ousmane Diagne, a former public prosecutor at the Dakar Court of Appeal.

The government appointed four women as ministers of foreign affairs, fisheries, culture, family, and youth.

Senegal is now facing several issues, one of which is the official unemployment rate of 20 percent.

Sonko stated that the government’s main focus will be on promoting young employment, lowering the cost of living, and safeguarding human rights.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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