Italian Mafia Boss, Matteo Messina Denaro, Died of Cancer of the Colon

Messina Denaro, 61, the son of a mafia boss, was born in the Sicilian town of Castelvetrano in 1962. Like father like son, he followed his father’s footstep and was already initiated into the mob by the age of 15. By 18, Denaro was already a killer.

In Castelvetrano, Denaro’s birth town, mobs and clans were allied. Salvatore Rina, nicknamed “The Beast”, was the undisputed boss, also known as Cosa Nostra (Our Thing). “U Siccu” (The Skinny), as Denaro was nicknamed, became a strong ally of Rina as they ravaged through the various towns in Sicily, inflicting fear and countless murders.

Denaro was sentenced to many life sentences in abstentia. For thirty years he was on the run within Sicily; how could the police not have arrested him? Well, Sicily is different from the greater Italy; they have their own language, culture, and tradition, which have for a long time geared towards sectarianism and separatist calls. Denaro was finally arrested in January of this year; however, during his arrest, he was already suffering from cancer and underwent two surgeries under different names.

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister wrote on Instagram “You shouldn’t deny prayers to anyone, but I can’t say I am sorry,” Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Instagram.

“You always need to respect death, because unlike mafiosi, we respect life until death. But we cannot forget who Messina Denaro was—a murderer, a mass murderer who hurt his land,” the mayor of Castelvetrano, Enzo Alfano, told Adnkronos news agency. Denaro went into a coma on Friday and never came back. On Monday, September 24, he gave up—the end of a murderer—to the relief of those who may have still been under his radar.


By Ikechukwu ORJI

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