North Korea is in North Korea, making weapons that stay in North Korea to defend North Korea. It speaks Korean, has no intention to ever leave its borders, and threatens no one. Some guy over 10,000km away accuses it of threatening the world; that guy then sends a nuclear submarine to protect those closer to North Korea from North Korea, whom they bash and collectively threaten every day because North Korea does not conform to their norm.


The guy over 10,000km away who accuses the fella (North Korea) he sails to his turf of potentially proliferating nuclear weapons is the only guy in history who has used unnecessarily nuclear weapons against civilians; those civilians are one of those they now claim to be protecting over 10,000km away from home.


Somethings you just cannot make up!!! If you don’t find this crazy, you’d need to revisit your epistemological thought process.

See video below..

Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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