Why Do Muslims React So Violently to the Slightest Dissent in Their Religion or Quran?

The Swedish Embassy in Iraq has finally been torched. Why? Some idiots in Sweden decided to burn the Quran. There are two things I want to understand here, but before I start, let me condemn the burning of the Quran. The Quran is holy to Muslims; over 1.7 billion people in the world are Muslims. That is more than the population of the entire continent of Europe and North America two times over. Sweden, with barely 10 million people, is smaller than the Muslim population of Karachi, Dhaka, or Jakarta. Muslims are amazing people. I grew up with Muslims, and never, not even once, was there any such thing as terrorism related to the Muslims of my childhood city. In fact, there’s a saying where I grew up: If you want honesty, look for it in the Muslims.

Now, let’s dive into my question:

  1. Why do Muslims react so violently when their religion or holy book is disrespected?
  2. Don’t you get it that these idiots burning the Quran are seeking exactly this kind of reaction so others can conclude that you are not a peaceful people or religion?
  3. Finally, if you want to be considered a religion of peace as claimed, you must accept that not everyone is Muslim, thus not everyone will respect your holy book in the same context that you revere the book, and respect means different things to different cultures.

Imagine that these idiots in Sweden burn the holy Quran, and no reaction comes from the Muslim world. Imagine when an Imam in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, or Iraq is asked, Why didn’t you react to the quran burning in Sweden? And they respond with, I don’t expect everyone to be a Muslim, and I also don’t expect everyone to behave a certain way towards me, my culture, or my religion, so I will pray that the merciful Allah, peace upon him (I hope that’s how you say it; I don’t want to disrespect your religion because I know Muslims; some even work for me, and they are amazing people) forgive them.

That will be the last time anyone talks down on Islam, Muslims, or the holy Quran. They do this foolishness because they know you will react violently, and that reaction is what many non-Muslims use to judge you.

I looked up the definition of “PEACE” and came up with a better interpretation, drawing inference from what I think Muslims mean when they say Islam is a religion of peace. My definition is this: “Peace is a state of tolerance where confrontation, physical violence, interruption, or any type of deliberate activity contrary to the wellbeing and comfort of mankind is not resorted to.” When you react violently, in contradiction to that definition of peace, to mere words contrary to your belief system or religion, to sum it up, you would have crossed over the boundaries of PEACE.

The Swedish embassy in Iraq is now burned; remember, a few weeks ago, the same protesters burst into the embassy building when the first holy Quran burning took place. Under international law that governs diplomatic missions, the host country MUST provide protection for the diplomats, its premises, etc. The Iraqi government, knowing what happened a few weeks ago, still could not have taken measures to prevent a repeat just a few weeks later. In my opinion, there is complicity here. You are not setting a good precedent.

I condemn the burning. I’m on your side, Muslims; I definitely am, but I cannot support such a reaction to something so easily avoidable. There has to be a generation of Muslims who are bigger than these idiots in Sweden.

See video below….

Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 


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