When China was poor, the West pitied it, looked down on its people, and treated it with contempt as a completely irrelevant state. The Taiwan issue was not really a menace. I mean, if you think the US and its lackeys in Europe, including South Korea and Japan, care about Taiwan’s 23 million people with a landmass of just over three times the city of Sitka in Alaska, then you are living in the fantasy film Avatar.


China is over 11,000km away from the US and over 6,000km away from Europe; it has never built a military base near either of these, never invaded any, does not mingle in their affairs, or threatens them in any way; all it does is conduct trade, try to learn from here and there, improve itself; it has now mastered the feats and makes technology seem like a ball game; they no longer look at it as irrelevant; it could even surpass them; they have now invented all kinds of fiction throwing at China left and right.


Let’s see who threatens who here: in 1622–1624, the Dutch engaged in a series of conflicts with the Chinese; in 1839–1842, the British invaded China; in 1900, the Eight-Nations attacked China; in 1931, or some say 1937, whichever you want, just pick and choose; Japan invaded China; The British again occupied Hong Kong for over a century; and the Portuguese occupied Macao for centuries. The picture is beginning to clear out; these people remember are thousands of kilometres away. We are not done yet.


According to democracynow.org, the Pentagon’s own account, in addition to the nine military bases in The Philippines, the US already has 313 military base sites in East Asia alone. The US levies endless tariffs on China and imposes sanctions on China; its lackeys in Europe follow suit; and Japan and South Korea, of course, say yes to their master. Why? Because China is developing, albeit undemocratically, a non-alliance with Western hegemony, this threatens the West, basically the US.


Every other day, week, or month, these Westerners—I think we better stop saying Westerners—the US, the controller and master of these Europeans, South Korea, and Japan will have their warships sail through proximity with China, and the bad old irrelevant UK sometimes will follow suit. I think the “great” in Great Britain is still deceiving the UK into thinking that it is still relevant. Imagine if Chinese warships were sailing through Cuba, Venezuela, and other US neighbouring seas. Well, I will let you answer that.


Western countries even have policies in place designed to counter China. Imagine countries making laws to counter a nation that has never threatened you. China, with all the incursions into her land, never passes laws designed to counter any other country. Why are these people so threatened by China’s growth?


Let’s look at how many countries China has invaded, sanctioned, or interfered in their internal affairs. Take a guess? Zero!!! China is involved in the construction and urban reshaping of almost every country in Africa. It has built roads the length of the entire European Union twice, traffic lights, trains, all kinds of buildings, factories, you name it—infrastructure at a fraction of the price Europeans will charge. Sometimes, China will even lend out loans at extremely low, flexible interest rates. Now,  this will surprise you—China even does some for absolutely free.


China does the same in Asia and South American countries, building and co-working with those countries on an equal basis. China does not tell you what to do; it does not interfere in your affairs; it just wants to trade. What is so wrong about this China? Is China perfect? Hell no! But is China the better person between the West and China? Absolutely yes!


The same set of countries that pillaged the whole world now wants to pretend to be the angels, the upholders of Human rights—no, those of us who actually read say no!

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Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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