(BRICS, G7, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and Africa)

You see, Africa’s GDP is the lowest comparable to its size, abundant resources, and population. Standing at just over $3 trillion, that is barely 3% of the world’s total GDP, against its 17% share of the world’s population – that is basically nothing.

The state of California has a GDP of $3.5 trillion, surpassing Africa – you can see how irrelevant Africa is in that regard. Then again, 1.4 billion India, similar in size to Africa, has a GDP of $3.7 trillion, above Africa, but still within the scope of Africa or California. But then, why is India such an important player in the world?

India wields a PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) of $13 trillion vs Africa’s $8 trillion, if India is a geopolitical powerhouse, Africa ought to be one too, right? The difference here is that Africa is not a single entity, whilst India is. Africa manufactures or produces close to nothing, it is technologically nonexistent, aside human capital and a massive landmass with the potential of lucrative resources developed countries could potentially need to stay dominant, interest in Africa will dwindle.

Africa was abandoned for a very long time by the West; it was a conquered people whose reliance on handouts relegated it to an incomprehensible people whose only benefit was its resources that fed the West. The West puts on a PR stunt that portrays itself like this noblesse oblige big daddy, who generously pours aid into Africa, sanctimoniously saving it from starvation. Billions have been proclaimed by the West to be going to Africa as aid, when in reality, they are creating jobs for themselves as most of the money stay within the borders of the countries that donated them.

Fast-forward a few decades, China started slowly with Africa, they were very much aware but ignored China because at the time, China was not a threat. China and Africa were seen in a similitude, though China had more potential, it was never a threat. As China slowly grew into a production and technological powerhouse, they are now cooking up all kinds of faults on China just to curb its growth. How dare China do the things that we do, and she does them effortlessly with a touch of style, not even us did it this way, China could reveal our asses – we cannot allow this to happen. Let’s fast forward for now, we will come back to China, moving on to BRICS and the G7.

The G7 (group of seven), an informal group of seven countries who handpicked themselves, mostly Euro/White-centric with their conquered puppet of Japan (S. Korea will soon join to complete their reward to their obedient lackey). Since 1975, the G7 under their unipolar dominance led by the US have played Russian roulette on the world like American football. In accordance with NATO, let their will be done! They have launched wars on independent countries, manipulated their currencies, stock prices, and used their unipolarity to subject everyone to their order or be sanctioned. They speak one language; never disagree publicly, and catered for the welfare of their various states whilst everyone else scratches the soil.

Boris Yeltsin, defeated eve before he could start, coming off the breaking of the Soviet Union, a crumbling economy, and shockwave of losing one of the greatest unions of built, Russia lacked the leverage. But little did they know that a 5’7” former KGB agent called Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will surface and turn the table. Putin takeover of nuclear powerhouse Russia was the greatest blessing to world; the balance of power if nothing else, is a gift to everyone including the West. A one-party democracy is a dictatorship in a façade. At first, they caressed him (Putin) so he could stay low and take whatever little leftover was given to Russia to keep it quiet, little did they know that this man was carefully studying their game and working a plan to strengthen his footing in Russia. They are aware they cannot defeat Russia a nuclear armed to the teeth Russia, weapons that can destroy the world ten times over, so they tried to circle Putin with lollipops, but that did not work either, they moved to circle him with NATO, but he pushed back, and went into making even deadlier non-nuclear weapons that can penetrate deep into NATO’s heart.

Fast-forward again to Ukraine. Unable to lollipop Putin, they turned Ukraine into a testing ground to poke Russia. From the Maidan coup d’état supported by the West that led to the Donbass 2014 civil war which they one-sidedly reported as Russian backed rebels trying to break up from Ukraine to the Russian seizure of Crimea (you have to call it as it is) and the referendum that ensued followed by the subsequent sanctions which Russia adapted to so quickly, they knew they’d found a fierce opponent in Putin, one that cannot be defeated through a direct military conflict, they were left to collectively block any window of growth for Russia, its potential is the greatest threat to their unipolar hegemon. If you watch Western media, you’d think The White House in Washington is behind The Kremlin in Moscow, and The Kremlin is constantly throwing stones at the glass windows of The White House.

Moscow is over 3,000km away from Washington DC, in fact, one is in Europe and the other in North America. That is, Russia does not threaten the US, it is the US that has left its continent, flew into Europe, telling these tiny, insignificant homogeneous states like Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Moldova and others to do ABC and we will let you into NATO and you can have access to our unipolar advantages – these minions obviously rushed to be part of this democratic, freedom, progressive wannabe angels of goodness.

The birth of BRICS: originally BRIC until South Africa’s full membership, coined by the Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill, the perfect counter of G7 and the unipolar world was born. Vladimir Putin, the only founding head of state still at the head of his country, also the key proponent of the idea is still the head of state of Russia. Putin is what you call ‘the thorn in the flesh’. He is the nemesis of the US led western unipolar hegemon. The Russia Ukraine conflict has proven this. The early days of the invasion, Russia’s reluctance to attack Ukraine’s infrastructures, seeking to bring the Ukrainian puppet regime to the negotiating table, the West took this as a weakness. They collectively sat at their usual manipulative table, agreeing that our thorn in the flesh, has on a silver platter served us the perfect opportunity to take them out.

They flew into Ukraine, promising them heaven and earth many times over, Ukraine’s Zelensky and his drug addicted circle of inept, corrupt short-sighted individuals coupled with their hatred for Russia drowned in the offer. That is how the Ukraine conflict has dragged on. The West proclamation of peace, Human Rights and freedom falters in Ukraine; they banned all media from Russia, every dissenting view about the conflict was banned, discredited, or sanctioned. This is not how freedom and democratic loving countries behave. Ukrainians are dying in their droves, sometimes, at the rate of 10 to 1 for Russia.

You know, NATO has been supplying weapons to Ukraine for over a year, in fact, many NATO countries are out of weapons, Russia is still launching missiles and throwing all kinds of advanced weaponry. The picture is now clear, NATO, a 30 country military squadron has become an all talk band of PR stunters. Russia has not even started a proper war with Ukraine, it is only targeting military infrastructures, yet NATO has run out of weapons, Russia is still standing. The key to Russia’s ability to stand unwavering is its ability to produce all the weapons it needs independently; Russia is technologically independent, after this war, it will even be more independent as it is replacing all Western dependency with indigenous ones.

Over $150 billion has come from NATO into Ukraine, this would have solved countless projects in the world that would have made the world a better place, but hey, no! We must defeat Russia; peace is not an option as long as Russia collapses, and the unipolar hegemony of the West stays on. These people have no intention to create a world of equity, it is either their way, or everyone else dies.

Back to China, no country has grown at the speed of China, its technological advancement caught the West by surprise. For decades, they treated the Chinese like a bunch of yellow people whose peak would only remain at replicating Western technology. They outsourced manufacturing to China exploiting its human capital whose intellect was growing at the speed of a Ferrari. They thought China was a democratic copycat of Africa, Brazil, and to some extent India. They undermined the power of a benevolent undemocratic state. They failed to understand the Chinese communist system whose interest in the good of China is unrivalled. The Chinese discipline guided under Confucian philosophy, propelled the Chinese people to a feat that threatened the economic dominance of the West like never before. It is one thing to dominate or be revered militarily, but to do so with financially, military, and technology prowess, was something that was not expected in the masterplan of the US led unipolar western hegemon. They thought that the earliest they could face a threat of this proportion would be in the next century at best. China builds bridges quicker than Western countries debate laws in their parliaments. Whilst they were defending their grip on the world, China had built high-speed rail the length of the world.  They are now coming with all kinds of China spying, copying, threatening, and blocking China from everything possible using the most fictitious and ridiculous of claims. Do you know the only country that was caught spying on the entire world? The US!!! Edward Snowden revealed the vast spy network and backdoors created by the US, yet, that same US is the one accusing everyone else of spying. You cannot make this up!!! If you watch Western Media, you’d think China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin are these capricious villains who have infiltrated the world setting up nuclear weapons ready to launch in a whim whilst the US and the Europeans are fighting to make the world a better place – in fact, the opposite could not be truer.

Putin and Xi have no intention to dictate to the world what to do, they just want a multipolar world where all voices are heard equally. A fair representation of everyone, the hegemonic West is threatened by this; it is in their interest to keep the world’s order in the unipolar format, this guarantees their comfort at the expense of the rest.

Coming back to Africa; Russia, seeing how it has been caught off from the West, especially Europe, because let’s face it, Russia is very much European. It has now grown feathers to reach Africa. Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister has visited Africa on multiple occasions just within 2023; in fact, Russia has mentioned Africa more times since the Special Military Operation than it has in the last two decades. Africa’s reluctance to join the West in their sanction regime against Russia is not solely on Putin’s goodwill for the continent, or Russia’s non-intervention into Africa’s internal affairs. It is one of many misfiring by the Europeans. They have enslaved, invaded, disrupted, manipulated, and continuously supported those who siphoned Africa’s wealth in their dictatorship as long as these dictators aligned themselves with the Western interest. The hypocrisy of the West’s democracy has misfired. Africa has the world’s youngest population, some countries have an average age of 16 years, yes you heard me. Most were born within the last two decades; they grew up in a household where their parents were victims of European malfeasance; they are not buying the Western PR sold to their parents. Putin’s loggerhead with the West lent a voice to the voiceless, Africans are the voiceless, their non-alliance with the West on the sanctions is an unintended mutual consensus with Russia, they don’t necessarily love Putin or what he stands for.

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Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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