Note: Gaza is one of the densest places on earth

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: If you have not heard this, then you are either a GenZ glued to the next Kadarshian family buzz, or you really can’t read, it’s got to be either. Well, I pushed it a little too far, right? Of course, that’d be a fallacy of hasty generalisation or irrelevant conclusion, either way, that was fallacious, but it did catch your attention, right? That was exactly the point- mission accomplished.


But did you notice my misspelling of “Kardashian”? Of course not, I misspelt the name because I honestly can’t spell it, I had to Google – that is a fact!!! Let’s get back to the rumble, more of, the crux of this video.


Benjamin Netanyahu does not hide his hatred for the Palestinian, his refusal to accept the two-state solution, his brutal bombardments and disregard for the rule of law, even those set by the pretentious USA and its allies in Europe as the roadmap to a two-state solution. Bibi, as the media coined, for his back-and-forth Prime Ministerial position of Israel spanning over 28 years. Let’s explain this in a way that GenZ’s who were not born when Bibi was first prime minister of Israel; this man has been prime minister of Israel for three times starting in 1996-99, 2009-21, and again from 2022 – till date. I remember as a teenager in 1996 when the name Benjamin Netanyahu was repeated in the news. This was before the age of social media and handheld devices, so my source of news was through the radios as TV ownership was a luxury in my part of the world. That this same man is still at the peak of the Israeli leadership is very interesting.


No Israeli leadership have thrown missiles at Gaza like Bibi’s government, which is one of the world’s densest places with a population of 1,957,062 stuffed in an area of 139 square miles which would be a density of 14,029 people per square mile thus making it one of the densest places on earth.


The Gaza strip and the West Bank, the two Palestinian enclaves, no, they are not countries, they are territories under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. Well, Gaza is run by Hamas, considered a terrorist group by the US and its allies, I call them, the usual suspects “US and its allies”. Let’s count them against the world’s 8 billion people, shall we? The US and its allies make up 1.1 billion people, that’s about 15% of the world, leaving 85% that don’t consider Hamas a terrorist group. It is important to point out that I don’t support Hama or defend its policies.


Israel has blocked The Gaza Strip, a tiny enclave dashing into the sea. Would you believe that chocolates are banned from Gaza, wood for construction, biscuits and sweats, vinegar, fresh meat, potato chips, cement, ginger, coriander, even plaster. Yes, you heard me! The list is so long I can’t go over all of them. Between times, Israel can ban and unban as it wishes, this Westerners who love to preach freedom and democratic jargons all say or do nothing.


Under the Oslo Accords, the West Bank was divided into three separate parts designated as Area A, Area B and Area C. Leaving aside the position of East Jerusalem, Israelis have built settlements in Area C which comprises about 60% of the West Bank. In other words, Palestinian have been pushed to occupy smaller territory in their own land than the Israeli. These settlements are illegal under international law which the US and its allies are signatory to, yet they do nothing, Israel can ride over the Palestinian with impunity – these Western preachers of freedom and democracy become deaf when it relates to Israel.


Israeli police and the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) will shoot and kill any Palestinian any and everywhere, nothing happens. When legislation condemning Israeli actions is brought to the UN, the US, one of the permanent members with veto power in an undemocratic best described “Disunited United Nations” will veto the resolution. The US has used its veto powers in the UN a total of 83 times, 42 of those were used to veto resolutions that condemns Israeli actions at the Palestinian, that’s the level of disproportionality the merchant of freedom and democracy display when it comes to Israel.


A few days ago, Bibi decided that the West Bank had enjoyed enough hours, days, or maybe months of few deaths and bombs raining down on them, he launched another intimidatory show of force into Jenin, a city in the occupied West Bank. They burst into refugee camps, that’s how Palestinians live in their homeland. 12 people were killed, countless others injured, thousands flee their homes, electricity, and water supplies severely damaged, with the US not offering the slightest opposition, the EU have gone to sleep, Ukraine is their area of interest – these brown people should leave us alone. Jenin’s resident saw bombing from choppers, IDF special forces storming civilian buildings with children, women, elderly and disoriented innocent people who have known nothing but these kinds of deadly incursions, you don’t need to be an Arab or a Muslim to call a spade a spade.


“Israel’s increasing use of sophisticated military hardware in the occupied West Bank, including drones and Apache attack helicopters, has been met with a muted response from the Biden administration, underlining Washington’s lack of red lines as violence against the Palestinians escalates.” Read One storyline.


What was Bibi’s reason for sending his troops into Jenin? A campaign to eliminate Palestinian fighters. No human, put under such conditions can resist forever the urge to fight back, it is human nature, Palestinians are humans, after all. What did Bibi achieve? Nothing, except for appeasing the fundamental right who elected him to destroy Palestinian, expand settlement, and make the two-state solution impossible – and maybe, the Palestinians will be split between Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and other willing neighbouring Arab states. Israel wants the entire territory for itself, until then, the myth of the Bible and Torah claiming that god gave them that land will not be fulfilled.

The video below sheds more light on this.



Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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