Welcome to the 10 richest states in Nigeria. Riches are not just about the cumulative monetary total; they border on many factors. A state with better functioning apparatus like hospitals, security agencies, a low unemployment rate, affordable homes, and a better living standard with a lesser cumulative monetary count is richer than one with a higher cumulative monetary count but lacking in all the other categories as mentioned.

We have defined our categories based on some carefully selected criteria, which we believe best represent the topic. GDP Gross is not the sole category to rate a rich state, though it is relevant. Nigeria is a poor country with failing infrastructure, dilapidated roads, and a heightened level of insecurity. Still, within Nigeria, individuals have created havens for themselves. Nigerians are nomads in terms of states; you’d find almost every ethnic group scattered across the country, especially within the top states of Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Kaduna, Oyo, Akwa Ibom, and others.

Whilst Lagos may have the highest GDP and be the most urban area, purchasing power parity in terms of affordable homes, healthcare, and quality of life is not ideal in the megacity. Gombe, Adamawa, Jigawa, Yobe, and Sokoto offer some of the most affordable homes and value for money you can find anywhere in Nigeria.

Security has become a luxury in Nigeria, especially in the last decade. The big cities offer the most interactive business life, job opportunities, creativity, and access to international products, but the standard of security required is no longer guaranteed. Nigeria is rapidly becoming an urban-living country as millions leave rural areas for the cities in search of work and other livelihood requirements, which are mostly centred around the big cities.

To be first on our list, states must score the most points from our eight categories. Without further delay, let’s get things rolling.


–    Poverty Level

–    Unemployment Rate

–    GDP Per Capita (Nominal)

– GDP Per Gross (Nominal)

–    HDI

– Security

–    Life Expectancy

–    Healthcare



Akwa Ibom: Score 3/8 categories

Unemployment: 4/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 4/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 3/10



Abia: Score 4/8 categories

Poverty Level: 3/10

Unemployment: 5/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 8/10

HDI: 8/10



Osun: Score 4/8 categories

Poverty Level: 8/10

Unemployment: 2/10

Security: 10/10

Healthcare: 3/10



Ondo: Score 4/8 categories

Poverty Level: 1/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 5/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 7/10

Healthcare: 9/10



Abuja (FCT): Score 4/8 categories

Unemployment: 3/10

HDI: 7/10

Life Expectancy: 8/10

Healthcare: 8



Imo: Score 5/8 categories

Poverty Level: 7/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 3/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 4/10

HDI: 6/10

Healthcare: 9/10



Rivers: Score 5/8 categories

Unemployment: 8/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 7/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 2/10

HDI: 5/10

Life Expectancy: 10/10



Anambra: Score 6/8 categories

Poverty: 4/10

Unemployment: 6/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 6/10

HDI: 3/10

Life Expectancy: 4/10

Healthcare: 2/10



Delta: Score 6/8 categories

Poverty Level: 9/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 6/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 5/10

HDI: 3/10

Life Expectancy: 3/10

Healthcare (Nominal): 10/10



Lagos: Score 7/8 categories

Poverty Level: 2/10

Unemployment: 1/10

GDP Per Capita (Nominal): 1/10

GDP Gross (Nominal): 1/10

HDI: 1/10

Life Expectancy: 9/10

Healthcare: 4/10



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Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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