The Tinubu-led administration takes the feedback loop between citizens and government to another level.


Hadiza Bala-Usman, the President’s Special Adviser on Policy and Coordination, revealed the Citizens’ Delivery Tracker at the Go-Live event of the CDT, which was held in Abuja today. The aim of this platform, which has been under the pipeline since November, is to bridge a gap between the governed and the government.


Economic reform for long-term inclusive growth, strengthening national security for prosperity and peace, increasing agricultural output for food security, and releasing energy and natural resources for sustainable development are the eight main areas of focus. Other priorities include improving transport and infrastructure as growth drivers; making health care, education, and social investment the cornerstones of development; speeding up diversification through digitization, manufacturing, the arts, and technology; and enhancing governance to ensure efficient service delivery.


In October 2023, Bala-Usman stated in an interview, “We’re going to deploy an application, a software where citizens are able to report back on project-based deliverables that the federal government has committed to doing within the period to 2024,” she explained.


In furtherance, she narrated, “We sat with the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. We have worked effectively to define the deliverables for each ministry. These deliverables, as I previously mentioned, also cascade to government agencies. For instance, the health sector’s sectoral deliverables encompass all components of its value chain and ecosystem. The respective ministries translate those deliverables into their key performance indicators. Once you have your key performance indicators, you’re able to clearly understand what your deliverables are over the course of the four years of the administration.”


Nevertheless, within 2024, the government will provide application software where citizens can report back on project-based deliverables. The web link is available at


By Chidimma NWAFOR

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