Nigerian engineer invents a smart bra to detect breast cancer


Kemosola Bolarinwa, a robotics and embedded systems engineer from Nigeria, has created an amazing smart bra that may identify early-stage breast cancer before symptoms appear. Inspired by the death of a loved one in 2017, Bolarinwa first presented his ground-breaking creation to the public in February 2022.


She claimed that she hardly ever considered breast cancer until her aunt passed away. This was due to the fact that it was only something she heard on the radio or TV.


Bolarinwa founded Nextwear Technologies, the first wearable technology company, and serves as its CEO.

Her frequent visits to her aunt’s hospital before her death inspired the stylish bra.She said it hurt to watch other women struggle with breast cancer. After that, she worked harder on the invention.


BBC Africa acknowledged her innovation. Before the smart bra was introduced in 2019, Bolarinwa noted that she conducted extensive studies for a year and a half.The smart bra uses small-form ultrasonic technology to identify breast lumps.


The goal of the project is to make an ultrasound machine wearable by making it smaller and more portable.Nanotechnology, according to Bolarinwa, made this feasible.

The production of technology on tiny scales is the focus of the science, technology, and engineering fields of nano technology.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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