The former Anambra State governor and the 2023 Labour Party Presidential candidate tweeted his heartfelt concern for Nigerians amidst their current reality and struggles.


On this, he made a plea for them to leverage the Lenten season and pray to the Almighty to rescue Nigeria from her economic and other challenges. He went further to explain that food is a major problem for most Nigerians, who eat from hand to mouth. Nigerians fight for food every day. And because of this, many have lost their lives.


His tweet reads: “As the global Christian Lenten season enters the final lap known as the Holy Week today, I like to wish them, especially Nigerian Christians, a very edifying week. The week-long activities of the Holy Week, mark the deep remembrance of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the core of the Christian faith. Since February 14, 2024, when the Lenten season started, Christians have continued to fast, pray and show brotherly love to one another through almsgiving to the poor.


“The activities of the Holy Week, thus, present us the opportunity to soberly reflect on the many challenges facing us individually, and those facing us collectively as a nation, an opportunity to ask for God’s divine intervention.


“Even as we make our human efforts, as a people, to move our nation forward, we must leverage the solemnity of this season to pray for divine intervention in our nation. The hearts of many are heavy with pain, grieving the loss of their dear ones due to the high level of insecurity in the nation. Families are hungry, not knowing where their next meal will come from because they can no longer afford the basic necessity of food.


“Many of our fellow Nigerians have died in their struggle to find food to eat. The unity and love in diversity, for which our dear nation was known, have been sacrificed on the altar of tribal and religious division.


“Let us, therefore, present our nation to God for healing and restoration, in this Holy Week, so that as we labour, as humans, for the New Nigeria, it will become even more possible.


“I wish us all a fruitful and impactful Holy Week commemoration.”

In essence, it’s a sad reality for Nigerians—quite a struggle for survival. So, he urged them to use Nigeria as a point of contact in their prayers.


By Chidimma NWAFOR

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