Emirates will return to Nigeria before June, Keyamo reveals


Festus Keyamo, SAN, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, has scheduled Emirates Airlines to resume flying operations to Nigeria before June 2024.


While appearing as a guest on Monday morning’s Arise News Channel, the minister confirmed that Emirates Airlines had sent him a letter regarding the company’s return.


Furthermore, he clarified that the initial announcement in October 2023 about the potential resolution of the conflict between Nigeria and the UAE was not deliberate misinformation, but rather the outcome of hasty preparations.

The restart of Emirates flights is imminent, he claims.

Emirates has sent a letter that has just arrived.


The mail has been sent to my phone.

They are prepared to return. Since they need to acquire planes for the route in order to relaunch it, they will announce the date. For the first time ever, I am letting the Nigerian people know that I have gotten a letter from Emirates.

It is in my possession.

I have a physical copy that expresses gratitude for what we did. It was Mr. President who put on the show.

It was he who advocated for it.

By personally resolving all of the difficulties with a diplomatic shuttle, he made my work much easier.I stated that the last statement was made hastily, not because it was bogus news. The next flight’s date will be announced by them.


All of the problems have been fixed, and we are ready to start returning, according to a letter we got. Before June, it’s possible.


You may remember that in 2022, Emirates grounded all flights to Nigeria due to the country’s restrictions on the repatriation of US dollars. However, the federal government, acting via the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), eventually released most of the trapped funds, allowing the airlines to resume operations.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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