One of the six most influential political personalities in China is a mysterious individual known as Wang Huning. Huning, a man of remarkable intellect, is entrusted with shaping Chinese culture. He plays a pivotal role in China’s ambitious pursuit of global dominance. In China, cultural engineering has transitioned to a digital format. Due to concerns about the potential disruption of its culture by foreign social media algorithms, the government implemented a comprehensive ban on its operation and developed its own. ” Last year, a commentator remarked that social media algorithms in China play a crucial role in incentivising desirable behaviours such as engaging in science and technology, rather than promoting frivolous dances and twerking.” China recognises that culture, which encompasses how people think, influences their values, personal aspirations, and collective destiny as a nation.

A segment of the American populace expresses concerns regarding TikTok’s potential to lower the intellectual capacity of the younger generation. Consider the impact that such platforms, including others, are having on African youth who have yet to engage in the practical aspects of contemporary society. In contrast to Huning, African culture ministers perceive culture as components of tradition and festivity, such as Ankara, music, festivals, rituals, and so forth, rather than as a system of ideas. They make minimal efforts to reform the national philosophy through meticulously planned, disruptive initiatives.

Scientific research has not shown any physiological distinctions between the brain of a black man and that of individuals who compete with him. There is a continued decline in Africa’s cultural facets, which French President Emmanuel Macron called a “crisis of civilisation” or culture. Our only chance of significantly impacting the world’s progress is to systematically transform the culture at the highest levels of authority. A leadership vacuum will make achieving such objectives more difficult, if not impossible.

Furthermore, we often miss the true picture when grouping Africa as a homogeneous entity. Africa is not China. It is over 80% Han Chinese. Nigeria alone has hundreds of different cultures. The grouping of anything on the continent with dark skin as one has broadened the stereotype and promoted a misconception of Africa. The medicine for Africa’s shortcomings is in Africa; it alone can cure itself.

However, given the damage caused by colonisation, creating hundreds of different Nigerian cultures would complicate things much more than they already are. The respective European-created countries in Africa have to find common ground within their borders to adopt a consensus culture that will make nation-building acceptable.


By Nnaemeka Ogbonna.


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