While men woo women for sex or women woo men for sex, another angle of sexual coercion is ongoing in the city of Lagos. This is where a gang lures “healthy” men and forces them into having sex with them while recording the whole act and watching for their pleasure.


The men of this gang are said to be inhabitants of high-end Lagos neighbourhoods—Lekki, Banana Island, Ikeja, and/or Ikoyi. Their antics are to pose as realtors, making attractive offers to job seekers. Young men who would be swept by this end up in their den, where they would be subjected to torture and robbery.


The Nigerian Police has reportedly arrested ten men of the said gang, including a lawyer who happened to be the eldest among them. According to his confessions, they are following the trail to restrain the syndicate.


The CP, who shared that their operation has been ongoing since he assumed office, fueled his quest to bring them to book following the recent case of one of his men falling in their net. He further stated that they would parade the ones in their custody. In addition, he warned job seekers, especially healthy young men in their prime, to be wary of various job offers and do well to inform their friends and family members of their whereabouts to avoid becoming victims.


By Chidimma NWAFOR

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