South Korean Women Tell Men to Have Babies Themselves or Stay Childless

“Why are rich countries having fewer babies than poor countries, especially Nigeria, where baby production is unprecedented?”

Having babies does incredible things to the female body. Statistics show that the more intelligent the woman, the less likely she is to go the gestation route. South Korea has one of the highest educated populations, and its beauty standard is arguably the highest globally. Women value their looks over anything else, so they are not willing to sacrifice their bodies for men who are likelier than not to leave them for another woman.

Here Comes the Conundrum:

The South Korean population is declining. Women have refused to produce babies. The government has incentivised women who give birth, but its impact is near zero. One of the most homogeneous countries in the world, South Korea is very reluctant to go the Western route, where immigration is encouraged overseas to leverage the shortfall in-house. Koreans want to uphold their language, culture, tradition, and ethnicity.

However, Korean women are not making it easier for the demography; they would not let anything come in between the quest to look physically attractive to maintain the fierce Korean beauty standard. Already the capital of cosmetic surgery, Korean women will do almost anything to stay fit and young. Any woman weighing above 55kg is considered fat; by that, the majority of Nigerian women are overweight in the eyes of South Koreans. The average weight for a woman in Nigeria is 70kg.

The Reality of South Korea’s Population:

The South Korean population is declining faster than Kim Jong Un, sitting just under 200 kilometres from Seoul in Pyongyang, could run. No other country declines at such a rate. If the current trend continues, the 19–34 South Koreans will decline by half in under three decades. A whopping drop to 11% of the total population in a country where the age gap is widening against the backdrop of a record-low birthrate echoed the South Korean statistical agency.


by Ikechukwu ORJI

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