Sigmund Freud’s Freudian Slip and Unjust invasions.
A Case for IRAQ, Palestine, and Ukraine!

At a Washington, DC, dinner party when George W Bush was president, Condoleezza Rice, then national security advisor to President Bush, said:
‘’As I was telling my husband—as I was telling President Bush.’’
She almost called the president her husband. Then, she caught herself mid-sentence and changed it up quickly. But the thing is, they were not married, she was not dating, and she was single. After that, people thought she may have had a secret crush on the man.
This is called ‘’The Freudian Slip’’.

It is a slip of the tongue that reveals an individual’s secret thoughts, wishes, or beliefs. Like when your lover whispers another person’s name. Deep stuff. The subconscious sometimes slips through the cracks. Anyway, in May 2022, George W Bush, this time, made a Freudian slip. He intended to say that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was not justified, but he said Iraq by mistake, though this was later corrected.

A Freudian slip indicating that he may believe he was wrong to invade Iraq. That is unbelievable. The video is available online. George W Bush inadvertently confessed publicly what we knew all along: the invasion of Iraq was unlawful, and the Saddam dictatorship possessed no weapons of mass destruction, as Bush and Blair had led us to believe. Sigmund Freud was unavailable for comment, but George W. Bush’s reference to Iraq rather than Ukraine while decrying “a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion” implies he still has a lot on his subconscious mind. Who knows what is going on in Netanyahu’s subconscious mind?

Who knows how long we will have to wait for his Freudian slip acknowledging that the occupation, bombardment, and treatment of Palestinians was always unjust? The bombing of hospitals, economic blockade and strangulation of a densely populated area without an army is unfair. There are other ways to tackle Hamas, but again, there are no Hamas in the West Bank. Still, there are better ways to defend oneself without involving taking so many civilian lives and carpet bombing an entire country that has been blockaded for almost two decades. There are more humane ways that will not warrant killing children who have not committed any crimes, condemning them to a life of orphans or forcing them to uproot and flee from their homes.


By Nnaemeka Ogbonna

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