Ruger reveals why he left Jonzing World


Nigerian musician Michael Adebayo Olayinka, well known as Ruger, expressed gratitude to his old record company, Jonzing World, for bringing him to prominence, but he was unable to renew his contract since the label did not promote his brand as much as he desired.


He accused his previous record label CEO, D’Prince, of abandoning him and using his music revenues to find fresh talent.Ruger vented in a series of posts on X on Thursday, claiming he had more to say but fears backlash if he divulges more information about the record company.

He thanked Jonzing World for introducing him to the world, but he admitted that he could not continue with them.


“As much as I’m very appreciative of the fact that Jonzing World introduced me to the world, I just couldn’t continue with them because they got too comfortable with the money they were making from me and couldn’t push me further as I wanted to be pushed. Was supposed to renegotiate the contract but I couldn’t imagine 5 years more without action.”


The label had grown too comfortable with the money they were generating from his paintings, failing to push him as far as he wanted.Despite the early exposure, Ruger believed that the label did not effectively promote him as an artist.


“I complained, I got angry, some people tell me say no be so dem Dey do things. I still go back HQ go collect fake hugs and handshakes. Nothing still changed. I wan mad.”


He expressed his dissatisfaction by saying:Ruger also chastised the label for utilising the proceeds from his popularity to finance other new musicians they had signed. However, he is still happy with his career and has planned concerts at big festivals. As he boldly said:

“Anyways, I’m proud of myself. Performing at very big festivals this year, touring Europe again, touring Canada again, IDC I’m gonna be cocky coz this is shit they couldn’t do for me. BS!!!”



Ruger’s departure from Jonzing World marks a significant milestone in his career, motivating him to reach new heights independently.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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