The APC government under former President Buhari initiated a deadly crackdown on End SARS protesters, proclaimed a zero tolerance for southern groups calling for secession, but never applied the same approach to northern armed gunmen who ravaged communities for years; instead, amnesty was granted to them, whilst others were rehabilitated.

A pal of Buhari, President Tinubu, under the same party (APC), has been in office for just over a month.It would seem, from his appointed National Security Adviser (NSA) Nuhu Ribadu, that a tactical crackdown is being worked out. This brings us to the crux; sensing a shift in tactics, former Zamfara state Governor Ahmad Sani Yerima has urged President Tinubu to use dialogue with the bandits as military force could backfire leading to what he termed ‘collateral damage’.


Writer: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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