Our survival mentality is a curse and not a blessing. Mr. Marcaroni


Activist and actor Mr. Macaroni has said that the way most Nigerians think and act to survive is a curse, not a gift.

When the comedian talked about his views in a recent interview with Biola Adebayo, he made it clear that working nonstop is not something to be happy about.


Mr. Macaroni said that Nigerians are too open to anything that comes their way.”What do I know about people from Nigeria?” We think in terms of life. It’s a curse, but we think it’s a gift. We Nigerians are survivors; it’s how we’re wired, and we always find a way to get things done.


The next day, someone who didn’t have money to go to work would find a way to get there.

They might not know how, but they would. “Someone who doesn’t know how to eat would find a way to do it.”The star said, “We always play about it like ‘I’m a Nigerian, I will survive,’ ‘If you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive anywhere,’ and it’s not something to be proud of.


” He was referring to the way people usually deal with tough situations. It’s a curse because we will just accept whatever comes our way and move on! We will move on if the dollar goes up or something bad happens. Why? ” Because innately, we only want to stay alive; we never know when enough is enough,” the star said.

As his thought process came to an end, he asked Nigerians, “When will we stop surviving and start living?” How long does a normal Nigerian live?”We are always stressed, and we are comfortable because we feel like that is part of the hustle and we must survive.”

Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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