Nollywood star Sharon Ooja is getting married


Sharon Ooja, a popular actress in Nollywood, disclosed that she just got married to her beloved partner in a discreet civil ceremony. She joins the ranks of other Nigerian celebrities who have tied the knot this year.


The acclaimed actress shared the news on her Instagram account on Saturday, March 23, 2024, expressing her emotions sincerely.

She said that she agreed to the wedding proposal some months ago and stated that the civil ceremony had been finalised.


Ooja conveyed her happiness and appreciation to her new spouse, whom she termed her “Odogwu silencer.” while sharing personal details about their road towards a happy marriage.


Ooja, renowned for her extraordinary skill and charisma on the screen, received several plaudits as she passionately conveyed her profound love and adoration for her spouse.

She affectionately referred to her spouse as “bro,” indicating their strong relationship and a shared sense of humor.

“He instilled a sense of tranquility.” I wholeheartedly accept and appreciate your generosity and benevolent nature. Absolutely.


The discipline and organisation you provide are commendable. The steadfast shield and affection you provide indicate unequivocally that you are my closest companion, brother. We direct our laughter towards Joe, who is a member of our group. My dear spouse, this is undoubtedly the work of divine intervention!


Ooja finished her declaration by attributing glory to God and expressing her enthusiasm for the forthcoming church blessing and traditional wedding traditions.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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