Nigeria has consistently proclaimed itself as the eminent “Giant of Africa,” but a closer look reveals that this epithet is ungrounded. In practical terms, Nigeria currently lacks the necessary attributes to truly embody this title, except when considering its vast population of over 200 million.

This notable demographic positions Nigeria as the most populous nation of black descent and the seventh most populous in the world, if you consider that an achievement, ride on; but every index pertaining positive contribution to a nation’s capital will not necessarily agree that a huge population translates to a benefit, especially in Nigeria’s case where most of the population live in abject poverty.

Further scrutiny into Nigeria’s standing in different sectors such as infrastructure, technology, standard of living, healthcare, security, human rights, life expectancy, and numerous others makes it apparent that Nigeria falls behind in comparison to other African nations. These areas of concern collectively contribute to a disparity between Nigeria’s proclaimed stature and its actual reality.

In an episode of Factually Truthful: The Truth Is not Biased, we uncovered the true nature of Nigeria, unveiling it as a “poor state with unwavering detriments that should not engage in the business of claiming the giant of Africa.


Writers: – Chidimma ONWUOKWU and Ikechukwu Orji –

Narrator: – Ikechukwu Orji – 

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