National APC Support Center Endorses Akpabio for Senate President: A Call for National Unity Amidst Regional Debates


In a display of unwavering support, the All Progressive Party (APC) Support Group led by Ibrahim Batati, convened a gathering on Saturday, June 10th, 2023. The primary objective of the gathering was to endorse Senator Akpabio, the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, and Senator Jubrin Barau, as their preferred candidate for the prestigious position of Senate President and vice in the 10th National Assembly. The meeting was specifically in response to the insistence of Influential Northern Leaders in the Senate to produce a senate President from the North. Central to their endorsement were arguments for regional balance and the urgent need for national unity.


Supporting Akpabio for Senate President:

During the meeting, attendees strongly advocated for Akpabio as the ideal candidate for the role of Senate President. They strongly believed that the remarkable development of Akwa Ibom State under Akpabio would always serve as a crystal-clear basis to give him the reins of the National Assembly. Given his background as a former Governor and Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, they highlighted his experience and commendable track record as key factors that makes him an exceptional fit for the position.  Supporters believe that his capabilities would seamlessly align with the objectives of the President Tinubu-led administration, paving the way for effective governance and progress of the nation.


Promotion of Regional Representation and National Unity:

Another crucial aspect emphasised by the participants in the meeting was the importance of regional balance in the allocation of key positions. According to Batati, “All senators should give the South-South region a chance to lead the Senate for the first time in Nigeria’s history since 1999.” Given that President Tinubu hailed from the South-West, Vice President Shettima from the North-East, and the Secretary-General of the Federation from the North-Central region, they argued that it is impertinent to have a representative from the South-South region as the Senate President. Musa Harma, another supporter, told BantuPage, “I don’t see any reason why our party, APC, and the National Working Committee should say this is where we want to and people will go against it.”  He concluded by saying ” A vote for Akpabio is a vote for National Unity.

BantuPage interviewed some of the attendees at the meeting who expressed their views, emphasising the importance of voting for Akpabio as a symbol of national unity. Here are some notable mentions and quotes from the event:


“Senator God’s will Akpabio is what we need at this time because we have a competent president; we have a president that has the interest of this country at heart and he needs a team to work with” – Engr Sam Achivon.


“We’re pleading, we want peace to reign in Nigeria, so we want all senators to consider Akpabio for Senate president because has done a good job. He was once a Governor of his State, he has also been a minister of our country. Everybody testifies [SIC] about Akpabio.”- Madam Success, Deputy chairperson for Voice of Niger Delta.


Ibrahim Batati concluded with, “We, the support group, want to pass a group message to our senators nationwide. All senators in APC, NNPP, Labour Party, and PDP, we’ve been hearing rumours that Senator Yari is fronting Orji Uzor Kalu and himself as Senate and Deputy Senate President. All that they’re doing, we have a researcher following them up and down because anybody that’s planning evil against this great nation is not welcome. No matter how much he hides, we’re seeing them. So, they should let us have peace in this [SIC] our fatherland. Enough is enough.”


Writer: – Chidimma Onwuokwu –

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