Mali’s Junta bans political activities in the country


Mali’s military junta suspended political activity on Wednesday, citing the need to protect public order.”Until further notice, for reasons of public order, the activities of political parties and political associations are suspended across the whole country,” according to a proclamation issued by junta head Colonel Assimi Goita, a government spokeswoman.


The proclamation came after more than 80 political parties and civil society organisations published simultaneous declarations on April 1 asking for presidential elections “as soon as possible” and the end of military rule.


Since back-to-back coups in 2020 and 2021, juntas have dominated the West African country, worsening the already dire security situation with a humanitarian and political catastrophe.Neighbouring nations such as Burkina Faso and Niger experienced similar political instability.


Following the original coup, Mali’s current junta took control in a second coup in 2021. They agreed to restore civilian control by March 26 and plan to hold elections in February.

However, the junta announced in September that it would postpone the February elections indefinitely due to technical issues.

This decision generated resentment among political groups, worsening an already volatile situation in Mali.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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