Jamb warns Nigerian parents


JAMB has issued a warning that any parent discovered in close proximity to a Computer-Based Test (CBT) centre during the 2024 UTME examination may face arrest.

The instruction was given during the CBT facility owners’ remote concluding briefing on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.


JAMB spokesperson Fabian Benjamin stated that this instruction was deemed essential due to the invasive behaviour of certain parents during the board’s earlier activities. Benjamin cited Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, the JAMB Registrar, as saying that any parent who disobeys this instruction will not only face arrest but also prevent their child from taking the examination.


Oloyede clarified that this action was deemed essential due to the observation that a significant number of these interfering parents have been found to be involved in facilitating cheating during tests, while others had previously disturbed the board’s exams through their behaviour.


He stated that certain wrongdoers even masquerade as parents in order to penetrate the facilities and commit various types of offences.


“According to the current national education policy, the person in charge of the board mentioned that a candidate must be at least 17 years old to take the test.”Hence, it is apparent that these parents did not permit their children to progress through the designated classes outlined in the document.


As a result, they decided to accompany their children to the exam venue in order to influence the examination officials.

In any case, it is evident to any perceptive observer that these parents should be penalised as they clearly smuggled underage children into the group of individuals scheduled to take the examination,” the statement stated.

Additionally, the registrar confirmed the completion of all preparations for the administration of the 2024 UTME.


The examination will take place in more than 700 CBT locations around the country.

He said that the board anticipates a smooth process, but it has still made sufficient preparations to address any potential technological issues that may arise during the examination.

However, he cautioned that if a session encountered any technical difficulties, candidates in subsequent sessions would be able to take their exams as planned.


In the meantime, the centre’s timetable would reschedule candidates in the affected session for the final session of the day, the next day, or possibly later.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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