INEC chairman cautions the media against fake news



Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, has issued a warning to media organisations over the dissemination of false information and deceptive stories in anticipation of the Edo and Ondo gubernatorial elections.


Yakubu exercised prudence at the initial quarterly consultative meeting with media groups in Abuja on Thursday.We have scheduled the Edo governorship election for September 21, 2024, and the Ondo governorship election for November 16, 2024.As of now, just 10 political parties have submitted information on their candidates on the INEC portal. The deadline for this submission, which is three days away, is crucial for the next Edo vote.


Yakubu observed that INEC does not endorse censorship, emphasising that the solution to false news lies in more openness and transparency.

One crucial aspect of the current era of information technology is the rapid and worldwide dissemination of false news and disinformation. INEC consistently upholds a stance against censorship, as I have reiterated several times.


Enhancing openness and transparency is the most effective remedy for combating fake news.”The commission has implemented several innovations to enhance service delivery to the electorate, ensure the safety and security of journalists, and provide them with unrestricted access to different locations during elections and electoral activities.” These innovations are based on your reports, as well as the suggestions and recommendations discussed in our quarterly meetings.” “I implore you to persist in being a stronghold against false information and deceptive accounts regarding the commission and its endeavors,” he stated.


The chairman of INEC emphasized the need for media companies to interact with political parties and their candidates and report on the primary elections with the same level of thoroughness and detail as they do for the main election administered by INEC.


By placing only the candidates chosen through party primaries on the ballot for residents to vote in the general election, this action would significantly improve our democracy.”Party primaries hold equal significance to the main election conducted by INEC,” he asserted.Chris Isiguzo, the President of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, emphasised the need for conducting elections that are free, fair, and credible to promote the progress of the country’s democratic administration.


Let’s work together to ensure the utmost integrity, fairness, and transparency in the upcoming elections in Edo and Ondo states, as well as all future elections.



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