I will father another man’s child, Baba Tee declares


Babatunde Bernard Tayo, a prominent Nollywood actor and comedian known by his stage name Baba Tee, has shared varying perspectives on the ongoing DNA test dispute that is causing a stir on social media.


In light of recent instances of paternity fraud.

In a recent interview with TVC, Baba Tee expressed the opinion that women should have the courage to leave a marriage that does not bring them comfort, rather than resorting to domestic violence or adultery as a means to justify paternity fraud.


The movie star said that the country has a significant prevalence of paternity fraud, which may be attributed to several factors, such as upbringing and insufficient sexual gratification.

Nevertheless, he stated that he is willing to embrace a child who is not biologically his, but only if his spouse expresses genuine sorrow for her infidelity.

He asserted that women cannot use domestic violence or adultery by their spouses as an excuse for paternity fraud. If a man fails to treat you with kindness and respect, it is advisable to terminate the marriage and leave.


In cases of paternity fraud, the woman is solely responsible for the deception. It is not possible to attribute responsibility to men because men are not capable of conceiving.

If you are a woman and you are aware that you cannot endure your husband’s mistreatment or unfaithfulness, it is advisable to end the marriage.

From my perspective, I have no reservations about maintaining a relationship with a woman who treats me well.

If a lady commits infidelity and a child is born as a result, I will grant her forgiveness if she displays genuine remorse upon my discovery of the situation. I will adopt the child.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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