🇵🇸 🇮🇱 After Over a Decade of Blockade, Hamas Launches an Attacks on Israel

Israel Launched a Military Operation in Jenin, West Bank in July 2023, vs Hamas Launched its Own Military Operation in Israel in October 2023

Palestinian militant group Hamas, which is considered a terrorist group in most Western countries and freedom fighters in others, depending on your source, has declared it has started “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.” More than 5,000 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The Palestinians have been subjugated to inhumane treatment by Israel, endless killings, and the blockade of even some essential basic needs like chocolate and vinegar. The US categorically encourages Israel and defends it in its apartheid-like system against Palestine. No attempts are made to define and conclude on the Palestinian-Israel issue because the US, the major supporter of Israel, whose arrogance stems from that unwavering support, acts like a bully, seizing Palestinian lands and butchering them at will.

Hamas’ attack on Israel is uncalled for; Benjamin Netanyahu, the key architect of the stalled negotiation with the Palestinians, is seeking to erase Palestinians from their land; he has no regard for Palestinians, and Hamas has given him the blessing he has been seeking for decades. In the coming days, we should expect a total annihilation of Gaza; bombs will rain down on civilian infrastructures, even hospitals because Gazans are like ants to Netanyahu and his right-wing government.

Palestinian territories have been reduced year after year; Israel determines how Palestinians walk, drink, eat, or even sleep. You cannot hold people down for that long; they are bound to react—it’s human nature. Israeli hardliners openly make some of the vilest statements about the Palestinians, but Western media have completely ignored the twosomes. The injustice that goes on with the Palestinians is one that will forever remain a blood stain in the history books.

Why is Russia condemned by the West for doing 1/100th of what Israel does to the Palestinians? When was the last time the powers in the West mentioned the Israeli-Palestinian loggerheads? The West continues to provide Israel with weapons, money, intelligence, and other logistical support whilst blatantly ignoring the Palestinian plight, as Palestinians languish in abject poverty because of the Israeli blockade and occupation. You cannot look at Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel without digging deep into the cause of such bloody incursions into Israeli territory. We condemn the killings of civilians by both sides.

Israel and Arab countries are mending ties under US influence and negotiations

If the US could bring the UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, and other Arab nations to mend ties with Israel—even potentially, Saudi Arabia—why could it not transfer that effort into bringing the Israelis and Palestinians to resolving their decades-long dispute? Is it the US and its allies in Europe that are the main blockade to peace that should lead to an independent state, or has Israel gotten so bold that it no longer cares what the West thinks? Both statements have elements of truth to them. Americans’ support for Israel is unwavering, albeit a slight shift from Gen Z, who have access to news other than CNN, Fox News, and other mainstream media. Most Americans cannot tell where Palestine is on a blank map; they barely know of the foundational disagreement between the two sides (Israel and Palestine). The media in the US and its subsequent administration have been successful in portraying Israel as this democratic, loving, human-righteous, innocent state whose existence is under threat from Islamic terrorists in Palestine, who are comparable to the larger Arab states bordering Israel; as a result, a complete support of Israel is consequential.

But the truth could not be further from that. Israel is the threat; it is Israel that throws bombs at civilian infrastructure. No country has launched more cruise missiles, white phosphorus, and even cluster bombs at civilians in the last two decades like Israel. You cannot make this up. The West says and does very little to nothing. If you listen to the West document the atrocities they claim Russia is inflicting on Ukraine, you could easily think they were intending to say Israel. Then again, you would ask yourself, are these same people aware that Israel has done the same? Why are they so indifferent to Israeli atrocities but indignant at what is happening to Ukraine? The hypocrisy of Western democracy is arguably a foundational cause of resentment and other push to do away with the unipolar world order that gives leverage to the US to act and behave in such a manner.

Make no mistake, Gaza will cease to be under Hamas’ control after this bloody attack on Israel. It will be wiped off or made impossible to govern by Hamas. The hypocrites in the West will soon be all over mainstream media, chanting the usual chorus about how Hamas is a terrorist organisation and Israel is a democracy whose existence is threatened. There will be no push to end the conflict and kickstart the negotiations leading to an independent Palestinian state. The cycle will revert to its status quo, and everyone else will continue to live in La Vida Loca whilst Palestinians continue to suffer. Nothing will change until the unipolar hegemony of the West is dismantled.


By Ikechukwu ORJI

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