Every product created in Nigeria must bear the label “made in Nigeria” (House of Representatives)


Lawmakers in Nigeria’s lower chamber have asked the federal government to require the labelling of all Nigerian-made products with the words “Made in Nigeria” by all businesses.

This came after a proposal put up by APGA-Ebonyi representative Joseph Nwobasi was adopted during Tuesday’s plenary session in Abuja.


To ensure the resolution is enforced, the House of Representatives has instructed the ministry to collaborate with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).

Nwobasi, who moved the motion, voiced his displeasure that the “made in Nigeria” label was missing from the majority of Nigerian items, making them hard to tell apart.


The House of Representatives adopted the motion and directed the Committee on Industry to coordinate with MAN and other pertinent entities to guarantee full conformity and obedience.


By supporting goods created in Nigeria, we may increase our chances of doing the same, which is dependent on our ability to direct our resources, both human and material, towards marketing items made in Nigeria that can hold their own in global and domestic marketplaces. In order to ensure long-term employment, economic diversity, rising living standards, and property and life safety, a strong economic development strategy that promotes the creation and maintenance of locally sourced commodities is essential.

By Nnaemeka Odenigbo

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