Eighth suspects face trial in Russian court over Moscow attack



A Russian court on Tuesday remanded an eighth suspect in jail in connection with the attack on a Moscow music venue that killed at least 139 people, officials said.


In connection with the incident, which saw camouflaged gunmen break into Crocus City Hall, shoot concertgoers, and set the building on fire, Moscow previously claimed to have detained 11 people.According to the court’s press department, the most recent suspect remanded was a guy originating from Kyrgyzstan, a Central Asian country.


Authorities ordered his imprisonment until at least May 22, but did not disclose the precise allegations against him.


The Islamic State has claimed responsibility and published footage of the attack. Intelligence from the United States and France shows that the organisation was certainly involved in the assault, which killed 139 people and injured 182.Putin said on Monday that Islamic extremists carried out the attack, but he also hinted that Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, might have been involved. Ukraine has denied any involvement.


The militants have not recognised any of the assailants.Russia claims that the four alleged gunmen confessed, but when they appeared in court, some of them displayed signs of injuries, raising questions about possible torture.Following the broadcast of tapes of the suspects’ interrogation, Russia’s commissioner for human rights declared that suspect custody should be legal.


During interrogation, one man had a portion of his ear severed.

Tatyana Moskalkova, the commissioner, told TASS that “it is absolutely unacceptable to use torture on detainees and defendants.”The Russian authorities have stated that they are


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