Sean Diddy, an American rapper, classifies women into f**kable and not f**kable categories


The city of Miami, Florida, embarked on a federal raid on March 26 and burst Diddy’s mansion in Miami, which they disclosed to be a hub for sex trafficking.


On Monday, federal agents conducted a raid on Diddy’s Los Angeles residence. Additionally, Miami police, collaborating with federal agencies, detained one of Diddy’s staff members for possessing cocaine and marijuana.


According to an interview by the New York Post, a former employee of Diddy shared her experience in a span of about three years of working under him. “He felt like he was our boss by default,” Lopez’s former employee tells The Post.


“He would order around her entire team as if we worked for him. Anything he wanted, we had to go fetch it. That was more annoying than anything.”


The employee says Diddy also often made the women uncomfortable.


“Diddy seemed to classify us all into two categories: f—kable and not f—kable,” the employee narrates.


“Believe it or not, it was better to be not f—kable. Then he’d just be disrespectful and act like we were there to serve him, like a waitress. With the pretty girls, he’d be creepy.”


“He didn’t grasp the concept of personal space,” the employee continued.


“Not everyone wants to be touched by a man, even if he’s rich and powerful. He put out a dark vibe. I didn’t like being around him, and neither did anyone else on [Lopez’s] team.”


Is Sean Diddy into sex trafficking? How many women had been victimised prior to the raid? Will he face the full wrath of the law or escape through a favourable plea deal?



By Chidimma NWAFOR

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