Suleiman A., An Afghan, Stabs Six in Germany

A man named Suleiman A. has stabbed six people in Mannheim, Germany. His target was Mr. Michael Stürzenberger, a critic of Islam.

Why do Muslims always get violent when someone talks down on their religion? If you get violent when I criticise your religion, then you do not qualify as a religion of peace but one of violence. Buhari and Tinubu are criticised daily, yet they don’t arrest or attack everyone who criticises them. Why? In a free world, we engage with claims and ideas through criticism.

Muslims are well aware of Europe and its culture, so why do they continue to flee to a region whose culture and lifestyle contradict their religious beliefs? Will I also face criticism for questioning why Muslims resort to violence in response to criticism of their faith? If so, what did I possibly do wrong?

The same applies to Christian Nigerians who disagree with LGBT and all other Western lifestyles. Why are you still flocking to their countries if you disagree with their culture and lifestyle?

Common sense! Europeans will never be Muslims. They will never respect Mohammed! They will never respect Allah! They will always be pro-LGBT, the Q, and the I, and the subsequent ones to come. They will always wear short skirts, or, as the First Lady described Meghan Markle, “nakedness.” If you don’t like this, stay in your countries and leave them alone.


By Ikechukwu ORJI

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