Early this morning, the Kaduna State Government, through the governor, Uba Sani, announced the release of the 287 schoolchildren of Kuriga, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State.

Terror gripped the Kuriga community of Kaduna State on March 7, 2024. Recall that on March 7, 2024, troops learned about a terrorist invasion on LEA School Kuriga in Kaduna State’s Chikun LG. An unknown number of students were reportedly abducted during the incident. In the wake of the event, the military vowed to stop at nothing to free all of the hostages.


Given a deadline of March 27, 2024, for the ransom payment, the kidnappers demanded N1 billion in exchange for their release.


“Our special appreciation goes to our dear President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for prioritising the safety and security of Nigerians and particularly ensuring that the abducted Kuriga school children are released unharmed. While the schoolchildren were in captivity, I spoke with Mr. President several times. He shared our pains, comforted us, and worked round the clock with us to ensure the safe return of the children.”


In thanking the Nigerian Army, which played a crucial role in their release, he said, “The Nigerian Army also deserves special commendation for showing that with courage, determination, and commitment, criminal elements can be degraded and security restored in our communities.



“We also thank all Nigerians who prayed fervently for the safe return of the schoolchildren. This is indeed a day of joy. We give Almighty Allah all the glory.”



By Chidimma NWAFOR

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