107 private universities to be investigated by the federal government for issuing fake degrees.


The federal government has set up a committee to review the activities of 107 private universities set up in the last 15 years. This committee is tasked with investigating allegations that these universities issue fake degrees and certificates.

The government initiated an investigation into the recent cases of certificate fraud following the diligent efforts of Umar Audu, a journalist from the Daily Nigerian, who uncovered the sale of counterfeit certificates in the Benin Republic and Togo.The journalist utilised the fraudulent certificate to register for the National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC). His investigation sparked massive outrage, which led the federal government to step in.


The committee stated that its operations won’t have an impact on the National Universities Commission’s recurring accreditation process.



The areas that will be assessed include the presence of appropriate facilities, effective management, adequate programme financing, essential staff credentials, and the various types of personnel engaged, such as full-time, contract, adjunct, visiting, and other categories. The government, via the committee, released an advertorial on Tuesday, soliciting public opinion to aid in their ultimate decision-making process.

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