Why share money with 15 million “vulnerable” Nigerians when it can be channeled into something tangible?

Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to share N1tn as a monthly payment to support 15 million vulnerable households in the country.

Nigerian President Tinubu launching the Cash Transfer Policy aimed at eradicating hunger
Nigerian President Tinubu

Speaking at the Press Gallery of the State House in Abuja on World Poverty Eradication Day on tuesday, he announced the “Launch of the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer for 15 million households.” Further details reveal that N25,000 will be shared monthly over a 3-month period to the identified 15 million “vulnerable” Nigerians.

However, Tinubu’s policy’s introduction ignited more questions than answers. As perplexing as it may be, people are asking:

  • “What happens next after the money is shared?”
  • “How foolproof is the data against the most vulnerable in a country where almost every institution is broken?”
  • “Why share money with 15 million Nigerians when it can be channelled into something tangible?”
  • “Are we witnessing another Ponzi scheme to syphon funds disguised as cash transfer policy?”
  • “How can Nigerians ascertain the receipt of funds by recipients? Are these not temporary solutions to the bigger problems facing the country?”
  • “Is the programme linked to the recent loan request? Is Tinubu’s administration financially illiterate?”

Andrew Mamedu, the Country Director of Action Aid, in support of the truth lying in these questions, while speaking in an interview with Arise TV, said, “The cash transfer policy will not eradicate poverty. Even the World Bank knows this. There are clear actions needed to eradicate poverty. The money is a bit of a cushion. Our questions should be whether the government will extend the period of coverage.”

Nigerians can easily think of a million things to do with the money aside from sharing. In an X post, a user, Morris Monye, provides the government clues on how to utilize the 1 trillion naira. You can find the excerpts below

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