The Global Sleep Crisis


Sleep deprivation is among the least important areas of focus for most people. As society advances and we work longer hours, most people pay less attention to the long-term effects sleep deprivation may have on their lives. The more hours we put in, the less sleep we get. In this article, I will look at the impact that sleeping less may have on us.

A rational intellect’s major flaw is its insistence on control and time constraints in all facets of life. Unfortunately, the rational mind is not very good at handling these kinds of duties. This leads to overstrain and memory overload, which can cause headaches, sleeplessness, and memory problems. Compared to global warming, the worldwide insomnia epidemic is receiving relatively less attention, even though it has a significant influence on the well-being of billions of people and the breakdown of relationships. You should be comforted in knowing that you are not alone if you are having trouble sleeping.You will be surprised to know that a significant proportion of people in your city don’t get enough sleep. It’s a worldwide pandemic. Although there are pharmaceutical therapies available, their effectiveness is time- and duration-limited. Sleeplessness is the hallmark of the illness known as insomnia, which is regarded as a lifestyle disorder that predominantly affects the mind. Give up and let go of control. Give up trying to have total control over everything. This is the main thing that causes sleeplessness. Control freaks and insomnia are frequently linked. Your physical and mental health is greatly impacted by sleep deprivation; therefore, it’s critical to handle this issue seriously, and it is now more important than ever to create more awareness and pay more attention to this silent killer.



By Nnaemeka Ogbonna

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